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I. 进口中国的工程机械、建材、钢材、加工机械、轮胎、配件、化工、安防、家电等产品在巴西分销;

II. 出口巴西的食品、肉类、农副产品等到中国分销;


I. 机场登机桥、行李传送系统;

II. 足球场照明及座椅供应及安装;

III. 集成房屋设计、供应、安装、租赁;

IV. 铁路、隧道项目中主要产品和设备的供应、安装;

Product trade

I. Import construction machinery, building materials, steel, processing machinery, tires, accessories, chemicals, security, home appliances and other products from China and distribute in Brazil market;

II. Export food, meat, agricultural & sideline products from Brazil and distribute in China;

Supply for big projects in Brazil:

I. Airport boarding bridge, baggage handling system;

II. Supply and installation of lighting and seats for football stadium;

III. Integrated housing design, supply, installation, and leasing;

IV. Supply and installation of main products and equipment in railway and tunnel projects;